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Are you a novice when it comes to household repairs and maintenance? Would you like to avoid calling a handy-man when something goes wrong at home? Our Household Heroes Classes are designed to provide you with instruction and the skills to fix simple household projects on your own. Expect to learn the know-how to repair dry-wall, plumbing fixes, and basic electrical wiring.

NO Maker Playground Membership required, this class is open to all regardless of skills and expertise! We will supply all necessary tools and instruction. Maker Playground Members receive a 50% discount to enroll in any Household Heroes classes! 

Toilet Trouble 

  • Wednesday, February 15
    5:30-7:30p, ages 16+, $20

In this session you'll be instructed on how to fix a running or leaking toilet. While also learning the inner workings of the toilet such as, swapping fill valve, flush valve, and flapper. We'll also review common problems and solutions such as: adjusting the float adjustment screw.

Drywall Repair

  • Wednesday, March 15
    5:30-7:30p, ages 16+, $20

Drywall repair is one of the most needed skills and the easiest to fix up! In this session, you'll be taught how to patch holes of all sizes in drywall. Maker Playground will provide all tools and materials for this course. We will be using such as: putty knives, drywall jab saws, sandpaper/sanders, hammers/nails.

Power Tool Basics

  • Wednesday, April 19
    5:30-7:30p, ages 16+, $20

Knowing what tools to use and how can be a difficult thought process if no one has ever shown you the how-to. In this session, we'll provide you with the basics on how to operate most recognizable power tools. We'll provide all of the materials, and help you get to know how to operate common power tools with confidence!

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