Explore the Playground

The Fishers Maker Playground offers tools and tinkering for you to create without limits. The Maker Playground features several zones throughout the space for you to tinker and create, including a community workshop, metal shop, 3D printing space, welding, CNC routers, a laser cutter, and more.

Complementing this space are four classrooms with S.T.E.A.M. experiential learning, and a large gathering and collaboration space.

Equipment Reservations

The Maker Playground is a community-oriented makerspace. Because we want to make our equipment available to as many people as possible, we have limited individual reservation times to 90 minutes per day per machine. Reservations coming soon!

The Workspaces

maker lab

The Maker Lab

Housed along with the Fishers Parks office, you’ll find four Maker Lab classrooms to teach, train, and inspire makers to craft their next project. In any of our Maker Labs, you might see in progress a camp, program, or training taking place.

think tank final

The Think Tank

The Think Tank invites members to map out the beginning stages of their idea. With a library of materials to read, fidget, and draft, several tables will be available to imagine, collaborate, and create the blueprint of your design. 


The Wood Shop

Whether you’re constructing, cutting, or crafting, the wood shop is where you’ll find any tools needed to create with wood materials, including:

•  Table saw         •  Plainer
•  Chop saw         •  Lathe
•  CNC router       •  Various hand tools
•  Sander

metal shop

The Metal Shop

Located at the back of the Maker Playground is the Metal Shop. Here, makers can weld, bend, cut, drill, grind, and roll their designs from metal. We offer the opportunity to learn to weld before you jump in. In this area, you’ll find:

•  Welders                  •  Bender      •  Metal cutting saw
•  Metal lathe              •  Roller
•  Machining center     •  Grinder

CNC router

CNC Row 

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Controlled machine. The machine computes numbers and measurements to control them through a motor system. This machine is used to route, cut, and create small and large components typically used in manufacturing.

3d printing

3D Printing

Using CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) technology, a 3D Printer creates a physical object from filament extruded from a nozzle. Designs are on a computer with CAD (Computer-aided Design) software and are communicated to the machine to begin printing a physical form.

Can’t wait to create? Learn more about our membership tiers and how you can get started on your next creation.

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