Simply Flowers


Why did you start your business?

"We love flowers and gardening and want to share that with other people."

What products do you sell and what is your most popular product?

"Fresh cut flower bouquets ready for your table. Our most popular product is our bright colorful $15 bouquet."

What is an interesting fact about your business?

"We started with a packet of sunflower seeds in our vegetable garden and grew the business from there!"

What is your favorite part of the Fishers Farmers Market?

"Hearing where our bouquets are going... to my grandma, to my wife, to my aunt in the nursing home, to the counter in my bathroom. etc."

What else do you want customers to know about your business?

"All of our jars and vases are recycled and donated. Please bring us your jars so we can keep filling them with flowers!"

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