The Bubble Tea Lady


The Bubble Tea Lady has been in business since 2014 and joined the Fishers Farmers Market at the same time.


Strawberry bubble tea or a strawberry smoothie

bubble tea lady 1

INTERVIEW: Avanti Snyder, owner

Why did you start your business?
"I'm the type that likes to stay busy. I saw the product  in Seattle and thought it would be fun to bring here."

What products do you sell and what is your most popular product?
"Tea with bubbles, lemonade with bubbles, smoothies and misties with bubbles. We also make frappuccino coffees, lemon shake-ups, and cotton candy. Our most popular item at the market is anything with strawberries. We also sell DIY kits to take home."

 What is an interesting fact about your business?
"People tend to assume our bubbles are the tapioca type of filling, but our the bubbles are filled with fruit juice!"

What is your favorite part of the farmers market?
"Everything! I love talking to the customers and other market vendors. My customers are amazing, even after waiting in a long line for their item."

What else do you want customers to know about your business?
'We're not exclusive to the market. I also do sporting events, corporate events, and private parties."